AT&T: Developer Summit

Are you a hacktavist, economist, writer, problem solver, or first-time maker? At the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon, teams and individuals have 48 hours to take their idea from concept to working prototype.

Making Space: Feature Documentary

A documentary film about collaborative city-planning, Making Space is an independent feature that explores the rise of a new form of city planning where citizens play an active role in shaping their neighborhoods by contributing and prototyping ideas for public space.

We follow several San Franciscans whose individual efforts have led to meaningful changes to the physical landscape and planning processes of the city. This film is a celebration of possibilities and a reminder that each of us has the power to change the world. Directed & Produced by Jason Whalen & Rebecca Morehiser with the help of many others.

Nod Labs: Behind the Scenes
There are a lot of companies out there claiming to be the ultimate gesture control device that the world has been waiting for. But very few are able to offer any substantiation for their claims.

We believe that their earnest, open approach sets Nod apart from the crowd in more ways than one.

MasterCard & Google Zagat: Priceless Cities

This is a series of 12 web videos to support MasterCard’s Priceless Cities initiative, which gives cardholders access to one-of-a-kind experiences in major cities around the world. Each non-fiction video features a different experience or type of experience, as seen through the eyes of its orchestrators and the lucky cardholders.
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AT&T: Hackathon Impact
This short commercial doc profiles three teams that participated in the 2012 AT&T Hackathon, which takes place two days prior to CES each year.

Google Maps: Central Park
This short profile was created for Google Maps, to highlight their partnership with the Central Park Conservancy and the Street View crew that walked to map the park.
Neighbors Project: Short-form Series

Neighbors is a series of short films about individuals from various neighborhoods in San Francisco — structured partly as conversational interview, partly as documentary – Neighbors brings us into peoples lives in order to gain a deeper understanding of their influences on their work, their environments, and their community.

The format combines an interview with environmental portraiture. The concept for this project was to capture moments within the constraints of a real and honest 2-3 hour conversation.

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Google AdWords Express: Meet our customers.

A testimonial campaign for Google AdWords Express, featuring real conversations with business owners across the country. All videos can be found within Success stories here:

Google Places: Rate the Places You Love

This is a series of profiles to promote awareness of Google Places, featuring local businesses from Portland, Austin and Madison.

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