American Folk Art Museum

American Folk Art Museum
Creative Concept & Photography A series of portraits for the American Folk Art Museum, at an event to kick off...

Bubbles: self-educating platforms.

Searching academic websites that offer a self-educating platform, free for anyone with an internet connection. As the National Unemployment Rate surpasses 10%, projected to stay that way for all of 2010, that’s a lot of bored people at home searching for jobs, watching videos on YouTube and playing casual games. What if that percentage of unemployed, shifted their eyeballs from entertainment websites to learning? (more…)

Introduction: This is A. Charlie.

Founded on the basis of a belief, that truth is an ideal. Capable of answering questions in our own words....

Thoughts: Getting to know your neighbors.

To try and understand why your neighbors are so competitive, think about the competitive landscape for consumer brands. The model to advertise anything in an over stimulated market, is constantly evolving. Companies who continue to evolve their brand position and content, stay relevant to consumers that are consuming. So to compete, find the demand and determine how to fulfill it. (more…)

MPS Fabricators Shoot

Photo shoot in the shop, for Material Process Systems (MPS). Portraits of the fabrication shop responsible for the actualizing the...

RE/BUILD Contributors Documentation

Ten (10) photo shoots, eight contributor interviews, a logo design, the strategy behind an awareness campaign and ongoing documentation. For...
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